mental health advocacy

Before completing her Bachelor of Communication Design and starting Graphics for Good, Mahlie spent 12 years working in the NFP sector. She has a diploma in mental health, is a qualified IPS Peer Support mentor and specialty training in trauma-informed frameworks, DBT Skill group facilitation and long term impacts of childhood trauma,  co-morbidity.

Mahlie graduated her undergraduate degree  with speciality in co-design from Billy Blue, drawing on over 12 years experience working within the homelessness, mental health, drug and alcohol and domestic violence sectors.

Mahlie is the designer behind the 2018 and 2019 BPD Awareness Week campaigns and has a lived experience of complex and severe mental health and physical health issues.

Mahlie’s advocacy on the experiences of living with borderline personality disorder, CPTSD, panic disorder and brain injury have been published nationally and she has lead roles in consumer participation with The Australian BPD Foundation, Project Air Strategy, Department of Education, Centre for Population Health, SANE Australia, Primary Health Networks and The NSW Mental Health Commission. This includes several academic publications and resources.

In 2018, Mahlie was sponsored by Create NSW to attend the National Arts and Health conference, winning the “Excellence in Mental Health and the Arts” award with her work “Warpaint”. She is currently completing a Masters of Art Therapy at University of Western Sydney, with a focus on art therapy for people living with personality disorder and complex trauma as well as a Creative Leadership Program with FrontUp – a service that supports artists with disability.

Mahlie produces free and accessible resources for people living with complex mental health issues, and also runs art groups structured to provide practical tools for emotional regulation and distress tolerance. If you are interested in attending a workshop, contact Mahlie.

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Mahlie’s Advocacy and Lived Experience Presentations and Features
Co-Authored Treatment Guidelines produced by Project Air and Mahlie
Co-Authored Fact Sheets produced by Project Air and Mahlie
Co-Authored Academic publications by Project Air and Mahlie